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How Important Are Stories For Children’s Development?

Children are incredibly imaginative and curious. They are eager to learn new things and listen to interesting stories. Magical settings, interesting characters, dramatic dialogues, and plot twists can transport children to a different world. However, stories are not only entertaining, but they are also important for the development of children. With that in mind, we [...]

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Where To Find Good Advice And Activities For Early Years Of Child Development

The early years of child development are important building blocks for the later stages in life. Parents need to ensure a balanced focus on their child’s physical, mental, and intellectual developments. All three factors should be integrated together and not be considered as separate entities. Effective advice and structured activities can benefit children well into [...]

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An Introduction To Home Journeys – The Online Learning Platform

With the COVID-19 crisis still affecting the lives of families throughout the UK, many day cares, nurseries, and schools are offering online or virtual services designed continue the development (and sometimes, entertainment!) of children while we tend to stay at home more, reducing the spread of the virus. In fact, Happy Journeys Nursery is now [...]

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How To Keep Kids Happy and Healthy During Lockdown

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has thrown us all into some difficult, uncertain, and stressful times. Since it all unfolded, we have seen the way we both live and work completely change. One group that has been impacted the most during all this is parents. Many have found themselves suddenly having to wear many hats - [...]

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Supporting Your Child’s Development at Home

We all know that the early years of a child’s life are the most formative years and that it’s incredibly important to understand and be proactive about children’s development. At Happy Journeys, we are constantly educating ourselves on childhood development and creating activities and play that encourage these skills and ensure a child gets the [...]

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Three Ways Happy Journeys Use Nature to Aid Children’s Development

Here at Happy Journeys, we are dedicated to staying on top of the latest research regarding children’s development, always introducing new ways to inspire and encourage learning in the little ones. Our general formula for success has been nature, nurture and nourish, prioritising the beauty of the outdoors, nurture and encouragement and a dedication to [...]

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How Parents Can Help Educate Children on Discrimination

Given the recent circumstances with the black lives matter movement and many upsetting facts, figures and stories coming to light, parents all over the world are wondering what they can do to help. Many organisations have come forward to discuss the difference between not being racist and being actively anti-racist, and one of the leading [...]

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Celebrating Birthdays and Special Occasions in Lockdown

For most of us in lockdown, these are the strangest times we’ve lived through and a lot has had to change. It has not been easy for parents to work from home, home-school their children for the first time and try to keep them happy and healthy whilst mostly indoors and confined from their friends [...]

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How to Keep Children Busy and Entertained During the Coronavirus Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has been sweeping across the globe and, in an effort to flatten the curve, the UK government has, on the 23rd of March, announced stricter measures for us all. The UK schools have mostly closed and now families are advised to stay at home always except for food shopping, medical reasons and [...]

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