We’re a brand new nursery in Hendon, providing the highest quality day care and early years education for children aged 6 months to 5 years. 

Happy Journeys is open 8am-6pm, with options for morning sessions, afternoon sessions and full-days. 


From their first words to their first day at school, a child’s early years are an incredibly heart-warming and rewarding time to be a parent. We want that journey to be a happy one for our children. 

Here at Happy Journeys, we give your child the perfect opportunity to grow, explore, learn and play in a warm and secure environment. 


Create a comfortable, home away from home atmosphere

Make an effort to get to know each of our children individually, nurturing their own qualities and potential in a way which best suits them.

Provide all of the support and resources necessary to motivate your child to be an active learner and thinker and prepare them for a positive future. 

Involve our parents – the journey is about you as much as it is about your child.

Happy Journeys is more than just daycare; It’s about the start of your child’s education, preparation for school, and the foundation for a successful journey that goes beyond education.