It’s time to spread some positivity and bring some cheer to the world. Check out these heartwarming stories!

Reduced Rate of Mosquito-borne Diseases Thanks to Students in Brazil

Brazil is home to many densely populated communities and often suffers from mass outbreaks of mosquito-borne diseases such as the Zika Virus. The World Mosquito Program (WMP) has been working to combat the spread and risk of mosquito-borne diseases by recruiting the help of kids across Brazil.

The WMP has been working with schools to breed and raise mosquitos with Wolbachia (a harmless bacteria which reduces disease transmission) in hopes of reducing the rates of mosquito-borne diseases. Last year, the WMP worked with seventeen schools in Campo Grande where 1,600 students helped to raise over 2.5 mission Wolbachia mosquitos. Since then, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, has seen 77% fewer mosquito-borne cases where Wolbachia mosquitos are present.

Zoos Work to Save Paddington Bears from Extinctions

Chester Zoo has recently welcomed a 10-year-old, male, Andean Bear named Oberon as part of a special breading programme to help save the Andean species of bears from extinction. Oberon is believed to be the perfect match for the zoo’s female Andean bear, three-year-old Pacha. Oberon has yet to father any cubs, so Chester Zoo’s director, Mike Jordan, is hoping this could be the start of a new bloodline.

Viral Video Brings a New Doctor to Small-Town

After six months of endless searching, Dr. Justin Hendriksz was finally able to retire from his role as a beloved general practitioner to the Town of Lostwithiel, Cornwall. Recognising Dr. Hendriksz’s struggle, the people of Lostwithiel gathered together to create a video in hopes of reaching a doctor willing to take on the role. Every shopkeeper, mother, father, and child joined in to get the word out. Dr. Bethan Woodfield joined the Lostwithiel family after seeing the video and applying for the role.

Watch the video here: Lostwithiel needs a doctor, BBC Breakfast, 16th Feb 2023

Twins Who Beat the Odds – An Adorable Graduation

After being born premature at 22 weeks, adorable twins, Kimyah and DJ, beat the odds. After spending the first 11 months of their life in the hospital, the twins were given a cap and gown to celebrate – it was finally time for the twins to go home with mum. Kimyah and DJ were given a 10% survival rate after being born some of the smallest babies that the nurses at Ohio Hospital had ever seen. After a long battle and four months in Intensive care, the twins got to start their journey in their new home.

Reunited – A Boy and His Lego Man

After losing his Lego Man, ten-year-old Jack Steel, created a poster to find his missing companion. The missing Lego Man poster was drawn by hand by Jack himself and contained all of the key information describing the Lego Man. Jack even offered a £2 reward for anyone who could return his beloved Lego man. After a long search, Jack’s Lego Man was found by a local schoolgirl who kindly reunited the pair.