It’s important to start young when teaching generosity, empathy and kindness to our children.

The following article highlights some essential and inspiring steps to encourage generosity in your little ones this festive season and beyond.

Collect Food for Food Banks

Food bank are always in need of donations. Inspire your children to collect food from close friends and family members. Once the bucket is filled, they can donate the food basket to the food bank.

Give Without Expecting Anything in Return

The whole spirit of Christmas is to give without expecting anything in return. Model this behaviour by giving away gifts to family members or organisations. You can also show that charity is unconditional and help them remember this core concept of generosity.

Exchange Ideas

Communication is key! And it applies to everyone. Ask your children about ways to strengthen the roots of generosity in an individual. Once they have voiced their thoughts, practise that with them. You will be surprised to hear about all the ideas they have in store.

Practice Generosity All Year Round

One should not limit generosity and the sense of offering to Christmas only. Acts of kindness and generosity can continue throughout the year!

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