It is a very beautiful moment when you see white pearl starting to emerge from the tiny cute gums of your child, and your baby finally got his first tooth. When your baby got all the teeth, the next task is to clean the teeth to protect your child’s oral hygiene.

Clean teeth look great and protect your child from tooth decay or other oral issues. Sometimes it becomes an arduous task to make your child clean their teeth daily. But we all know that dental hygiene and a strong self-care routine is essential for health and it’s best to start them early! Here are some ways to ensure your children brush their teeth…

Try to be consistent

At first, brushing your child’s teeth is not an easy job. Sometimes your child closes their mouth, or sometimes he shows tantrums which is very problematic for most mothers. In this situation, try to be compassionate and polite with your child. You have to make him like brushing his teeth with love and compassion. I know it’s a challenging process, but once your child is used to this process, it will become a routine and a part of your child’s lifestyle, which will be stuck with him for the rest of his life.

Allow your children to choose their toothbrushes

Choosing the right toothbrush would be a challenging task for your child. Children like toothbrushes with bright colours and characters on them. Try to get them the right toothbrush with soft bristles and a very smooth texture. So, it may not hurt your child’s gums or oral cavity. On the other side, try to add a colourful touch to the brush by getting your son or daughter a beautiful toothbrush that your child love.

Make brushing teeth interesting and fun

Your child will love to brush his teeth if you add a bit of spice to the brushing process. Whenever you ask your child to brush his teeth, try to play a fun game with your child to engage him. It will help your child love the whole brushing moment and like to brush daily. A short and simple fun activity would be excellent for a child’s oral hygiene and brushing routine.

Choose fun flavoured toothpaste

Most of us do not know that adults’ toothpaste is not as attractive as kids’. Kids’ toothpaste creates an appealing sensation in children when they see cartoons or superheroes brushing their teeth with that toothpaste with their favourite flavour. There comes a variety of flavours, including strawberry, blueberry, mango and bubble-gum flavours. It automatically attracts your children to brush their teeth and kill all the plaque inside their gums. So, it is an excellent strategy to engage your young ones to brush their teeth at an early age.

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