On the fifth of August this year, we at Happy Journeys, celebrated our very first anniversary. We have spent a lot of time reminiscing on the long way the Happy Journeys Day Nursery has come since it first began. We took a long look back at photographs and memories, from the renovation of the building, our commitment to make the nursery a fun, bright, light and green space for the children, and all the visitors and fun days we have had together since then. If you’d like to spend some time looking back with us, you can find a fun video here or read on!

Creating Happy Journeys

Our day nursery in Hendon, London was born out of a love for children and wanting to create a space for them to reach their full potential. That’s why we dedicated a big portion of our renovation to creating a safe and clean outdoor space for the children to exercise and experiment, as well as bringing the outdoors in with our famous green wall – once featured in the New York Times!

Nature, Nurture, Nourish

One year of Happy Journeys means one year of living our truth: nature, nurture, nourish. We believe these are the three key areas to focus on when it comes to children’s development. Nature to spark curiosity, teach them about the outside world and be kind to nature. Nurture to ensure their developmental stages and needs are being meant through praise, encouragement and sensory activities. Nourish to ensure we not only provide the children with great healthy food for energy and growth but encourage them to want to eat and lead healthy lives.

Information for Parents

Throughout a year of Happy Journeys, we have also provided support and information for parents. We have invited many experts and consultants into our space to teach, demonstrate and support our parents, such as dentists to encourage good dental hygiene in the little ones and Carla Berlin, a sleep consultant.

One Year of Celebrations

It was fun to look back through the pictures and see one year of celebrations! That’s one year of Halloween costumes, fancy dress, sports days, fundraisers and festive fun. We’ve celebrated and learned about Eid, Chinese New Year and the festivities of lots of different cultures to raise well-rounded and informed children capable of acceptance, empathy and kindness.

Giving Back

Our journey began because we wanted to make a real difference to young children in our area and now our reach is extending. We have recently launched our ‘Giving’ page on our website and are going to be working with a range of organisations to help make a real difference. We have decided to launch this initiative working with Street Child to help build schools, train teachers and promote the importance of education in changing the options available to children all over the world. Find out more on our website here.

From all of us here at Happy Journeys, we want to thank you for being a part of our first year!