It is natural for all family members to feel somewhat anxious at this wonderful but also big time in their kid’s life. Starting school is a significant transition and, for many parents and children, the most time spent apart than ever before. Of course, we all cope with these emotions in various ways, but one thing is certain: family plays a critical part in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable transition to school life.

Pre-school is a significant milestone for both your child and yourself. Learning to spend time apart might be challenging but embarking on a formal education path is also thrilling. Here are some suggestions to move to pre-school as painless as possible.

Don’t Overprepare:

You don’t need to begin preparing your child for pre-school months ahead of time as this can make them more anxious than before. Some well-intentioned parents start talking about pre-school and building it up much too early, and by the time school starts, the kid perceives it as a major life event, which may be overwhelming to a little child. Instead, begin talking about pre-school in a light-hearted, positive manner two to three weeks before the first day of class. This reminds them but does not overwhelm them.

Visit as a group:

Plan to visit your child’s new school together before their first day if you are possible. Explore the classroom and play on the playground together. Many schools offer this so that children can become comfortable with what to expect of their environment. This way, when kids arrive on the first day of school, it will seem more familiar.

Make new friends:

Arrange a playdate with youngsters from your child’s class if feasible. This will allow them to get to know one another before starting school and ensure friendly and supportive faces will be there for them. For many, nursery provides this!

At home, you may play school together:

Role play is excellent in developing children’s understanding of the world and something they should be used to if they have gone to a good nursery. To assist your child in adjusting to the thought of pre-school, engage them in pretend play. Act out various routines like reading, singing, and nap time. You may even reverse the roles and have your youngster teach. This can help your youngster see school as an enjoyable place and lessen worry on the first day.

Express and accept your emotions:

Starting pre-school is a thrilling journey, but it’s natural for both of you to be nervous. Encourage your child to communicate his or her feelings, pay attention to what he or she is saying, and recognise his or her anxieties. At the same time, patiently work through the feelings into positive apprehension and excitement. You may notice changes in their behaviour as your kid works through their emotions.

It’s also worth remembering that children frequently regress in one area while progressing in another. For example, children may regress in toilet training or become less autonomous. These behavioural modifications are only temporary and should be met with patience and understanding.

Assist your child in personalising his school bag:

Most schools provide standard-issue school bags, which may be a problem if everyone hangs their bag in the same spot. In this vast sea of similarity, your small one is supposed to discover his luggage. Take your youngster shopping for a charm on his school backpack to increase the school excitement and easily clear up any mix ups with property when collecting your child.


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