The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has thrown us all into some difficult, uncertain, and stressful times. Since it all unfolded, we have seen the way we both live and work completely change. One group that has been impacted the most during all this is parents. Many have found themselves suddenly having to wear many hats – breadwinners, teachers, and childminders – often all at the same time!

Change can be tough for children too with routines upended as well the closure of schools. Thankfully, childcare, schools and nurseries are allowed to remain open for lockdown two – we’re open and running normally! But we know during these stressful times, mental wellbeing is more important than ever. Here are a few ways you can keep your kids happy and healthy during the second lockdown.

Communicate with your kid in an open and honest way

Many children cannot grasp or comprehend why they can’t play outside or see their friends right now. It’s important to not keep your kid in the dark and talk them through everything that is going on right now. That way, they know they can rely on you for the truth. Depending on their age, they will have a different grasp on the reality of the situation. You know your child best and will know how to handle the situation. Don’t forget to share your own feelings too, it’s important to be open about how you’re feeling and to reassure your child they are not alone.

Try to keep a routine

Although things are all out of sync right now, you should aim to create some sense of a new routine at home with your child. One simple way to do this is to try get up and go to bed at the same time. Organise fun crafts and activities where you would normally have had play dates. Doing things at the same time every day will help create some normalcy.

Take this time to really focus on your child

We all know that every child’s needs are different, and they all have different capabilities. You can use this time to really tap into your child’s individual needs, nurture their own qualities, and work on preparing them for a more positive future! Fortunately for children, they can be sociable at nursery and their development will continue to be our main priority! You can continue to bond with and further their development through the tailored activities and ideas we have shared at, our home learning platform!