Let us make this year’s Christmas the most eco-friendly and sustainable ever by using eco-friendly Christmas decorations, trees, and gifts. Following this year’s COP27, we are all aware of the critical importance of making every effort to be more sustainable – and for many of us, that begins at home. Small adjustments may make a big impact in minimising our environmental footprint, especially during the holiday season, when waste, overconsumption, and mass buying are all possibilities.

With this in mind, here are several easy ways to host an eco-friendly Christmas, like mailing plantable Christmas cards, renting a Christmas tree, and choosing a sustainable Christmas supper. Make going green a new family tradition this year.

Wrap Gifts with Recycled Papers/Fabric

According to waste removal specialist Any Junk, more than half of us reuse last year’s wrapping paper. Many of us are unaware that many rolls contain non-recyclable components such as foil, glitter, or plastic.

Use the scrunch test to determine whether or not your wrapping paper may be recycled. Scrunch the paper in your hands and then throw it away. If the paper remains crumpled up, it can be recycled; but, if it unfolds on its own, it most certainly contains non-recyclable materials.


Send Plantable Christmas Cards

A quarter of us no longer send Christmas cards, but there is an environmentally friendly method to express holiday pleasantries. Look for cards that have the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. This ensures that the paper was produced in a sustainable and ethical manner. The Woodland Trust shop is a terrific location to pick up a pack, with earnings benefiting Britain’s woods.

Plantable cards are also becoming increasingly popular. Wildflower Papers provides a fantastic selection of seed packet cards that the receiver may plant in the spring. The painted cards packed with carrot seeds by Not On The High Street are as lovely as they are environmentally responsible.

Eco-Friendly Crackers

Use reusable crackers instead of single-serving crackers. Some are made of natural linen, while others allow you to personalise them. These make excellent eco-friendly Christmas table decorations. Before you throw anything out during the holidays, consider whether it may be repurposed. A wonderful example is making Christmas cracker bunting from of cracker tubes.

Rent A Christmas Tree

Looking for the best environmentally friendly Christmas tree? Real Christmas trees are far more environmentally friendly than artificial ones. In fact, one research indicated that using your fake fir for 20 years will make it greener. Nonetheless, seven million genuine trees will be discarded rather than recycled in January.

This year, you might take it a step further by hiring a genuine tree from a British farm for an eco-friendly Christmas tree. From £20, Love a Christmas Tree delivers authentic Nordmann Firs from their Leicestershire family farm to your home. You decorate and care for the tree during the holiday season, then they pick it up and replant it in January. Win, win, win.

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