The winter is when the weather at its coldest and your mood probably at the lowest. We often all feel like bundling up in warm clothes and snuggling near the fireplace. The freezing temperature doesn’t make you feel like going out either. The result is that physical activity is at its lowest for most families which can have knock on effects on mental and physical health. It’s important to still stay active over the colder months, to keep ourselves at our best!

How to be physically active in winter?

Whether kids go to their day nursery or stay at home, you need to involve them in activities. It’s not just kids who should be active but everyone. When you involve everyone, you make physical activity a fun one. Here are some tips to be physically active this winter.

  1. Winter walk

You don’t have to sit at home the entire winter. Go for a walk choosing a convenient time when the sun is out or when the weather is better. Ensure you are warmly dressed and go for a brisk walk while talking about how nature is changing. It’s a great opportunity to increase your child’s understanding of the world, discussing seasonal changes of their favourite places.

  1. Puddle jumping

One of the best activities that kids love is puddle jumping. Take the kids on a walk where there are puddles and allow them to jump and have fun. Make sure they are appropriately dressed with good shoes. Jumping over puddles is a harmless activity that helps the little ones improve their motor skills.

  1. Joe wicks home workouts

Joe Wicks is a well-known fitness coach and is fantastic at engaging the children. Switch on the TV and computer at home with his workout videos playing. Have a family workout with everyone having a great time exercising watching the video. You will be fit, have fun, and be warm by the time you are done.

  1. Hide and seek

A simple fun activity that kids never get bored of is hide-and-seek. A good game of hide-and-seek will make you run around being active. It helps to warm you up and the kids would be really happy.

  1. Treasure hunt

Another fun family activity to do when at home is a treasure hunt. Leave clues around the house to find the treasure. Make teams and let them compete to find the treasure. Let the treasure be something of value so the result is satisfying. It is great fun and helps everyone be active.

  1. Climb stairs

You can get a great workout by going up and down the stairs. It’s a fantastic way to build and maintain the quad and calf muscles and keeps you coordinated too! Done for long enough, it’s an excellent heart raiser so great for burning calories and warming up!