There are many factors that combine together to help our children grow and develop. And, while each of these factors are very different in their own right, two of them go hand in hand, feeding off of each other, so to speak.

I am talking about the importance of nutrition and your child’s ability to absorb knowledge. Nutrition plays an important role in your child’s ability to learn and perform better in school and it is up to us, as parents and educators to ensure that they get the proper nutrition they need on a daily basis.

Here at Happy Journeys Nursery, we believe that the key to your child’s success every day is to provide them with the foods their bodies, and their brains need to perform. To this end, we have consulted expert nutritionist, Julia Wolan, to create our menus and ensure that your child gets the nutrients they need to grow and succeed.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at 3 ways nutrition impacts learning and feeds your child’s mind. Let’s get started:

3 Ways Nutrition Impacts Learning

Increases Brain Function- our brains need a wide range of vitamins and minerals to perform at its peak. Proper nutrition can effectively increase brain function as well as our capacity to learn. Certain nutrient deficiencies can decrease dopamine transmission in small children and negatively affect cognition and mental concentration. Ensuring that children get the proper nutrients on a daily basis can improve perception, intuition and reasoning skills.

Improved Behavior And The Learning Environment- your child’s behaviour can significantly affect their learning environment, thus, affecting the learning environment of their classmates as well. Positive behaviour, such as that gained from proper nutrition, will lead to a healthy classroom environment, whereas negative behaviour, from a poor diet and improper nutrition, could negatively affect the classroom environment.

A Quality Diet Leads To Positive School Outcomes- the impact of a child’s diet and nutrition on academic and behavioral outcomes is very powerful. In fact, a high quality diet based on sound principles of nutrition, can lead to more positive educational outcomes including higher academic test scores, increased productivity and learning capacity and increased attendance.

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