Earth Day is Thursday, April 22, 2021, and it’s a chance for everyone to do something good for our planet. But Earth Day shouldn’t just be seen as a once a year event, it should serve as a reminder to us all that we should take better care of the Earth and do something good for our planet every day. This is also a chance for parents to talk to their children about being environmentally friendly and living a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Importance Of Sustainability

It’s a fact that excessive consumption will only put more waste into our landfills. We are living in a society filled with throwaway and disposable items. When raising children in a sustainable way, you should try to reuse, reduce, and recycle.

Here are some ways that we can all be better and more sustainable parents:

Go On Nature Walks- spring is the perfect time to take children on a nature walk and immerse them in their surroundings and wood life so they can learn and develop their understanding of the world. It’s also an opportunity to explain the importance of our environment and how we can keep it clean and healthy.

Recycle- teaching your children to recycle and why it is so important will help them to use less, waste less, and reuse items more often. It can also be a fun activity of sorting items into different places.

Teach Children Why It Is Sometimes Better To Walk, Scooter Or Cycle Than Taking A Car- for shorter trips, walking or bicycling can be a much more environmentally friendly form of transportation. Teach children why this is and how they can help. It’s also great exercise!

Reducing Food Waste- food waste not only costs money, but it can be bad for the environment. A lot of energy is depleted growing or raising food. When that food is wasted, so is that energy and the Earth’s resources as well. Get your child involved in making or baking snacks as well as this will also teach them some valuable cooking skills. This reduces the use of packaging, wrapping and plastic at home. If there’s enough space in your backyard, you may grow your own fruits and veggies – this is great messy play for children and so much fun to pick and see the fruits of hard work!

Buying Earth Friendly Products- biodegradable wipes and other eco-friendly products can replace many of the traditional items that we user every day. Make a list of essentials that your baby needs. Look for products made by environmentally friendly companies or companies that use sustainable production methods. Earth friendly products are better for the environment because they are often manufactured using sustainable production methods and they biodegrade much more efficiently. There are also great reusable products now such as nappies and wipes that can easily be thrown in the wash and reused rather than single use items.

Buy Second-Hand Items Or Swap- a great zero-waste tip is to buy second-hand items. Ask friends to give you used items for free, borrow them, buy used items in charity shops, or swap toys with fellow parents. Check the Facebook marketplace and eBay for second-hand item you may need.


Repurpose Toys And Arts- it’s a great DIY project for parents and children to make their own toys and crafts at home. There are many resources on Home Journeys Online Nursery on how to make homemade toys and crafts with available materials at home.


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