Autumn has arrived in its entire glory. It is the time to enjoy long walks in a chilly breeze and have a pumpkin spice latte while cosying up at home. Fall is the perfect time for friends and families to rejoice and create unforgettable memories.

From collecting leaves to carving pumpkins, many activities can deepen the bond between you and your children and increase their understanding of the world and appreciation for nature.

If you want to have a great time with your family, then take a look at the following best autumn activities.

  1. Collecting Autumn Leaves

Nothing beats the satisfying crunch when you step on the autumn leaves. Turn a normal chore into a fun activity. Join your children in raking, collecting and using the leaves.

Embrace your inner child and jump in the freshly raked leaves with your children. Cherish their creativity by helping them preserve leaves in a scrapbook and painting them to create fun crafts. Raking and collecting leaves are perfect ways to introduce your children to garden maintenance and help them become responsible.

  1. Visit the Orchards

You can plan a fun mini holiday by taking your family to apple and pumpkin orchards. The aroma of fresh autumn apples will entice you as soon as you step onto the orchard. Educate your children about the different varieties of apples and help them pick them. Work with your children to create fun apple-based recipes such as apple pies and caramel apples.

When you visit the apple orchard, do not forget to pay a visit to the pumpkin yard. Pumpkins are symbolic of autumn harvest. Carve pumpkins with your family and turn them into festive décor for the upcoming Halloween.

  1. Arrange a Bonfire

What’s more exciting than gathering around the fire, making s’mores, and sharing horror stories? Invite your family and friends to enjoy a bonfire in your garden. Cosy up in blankets and feel the warmth of the fire as you rejoice.

  1. Do a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is the most exciting and healthy activity to engage your children. Hide items such as cones, apples, and painted leaves. Announce the prize for the one who finds all the things first. You can also make it a bit more interesting by creating riddles for each item. This way, the children will exercise their minds and enjoy the activity more. Happy Journeys Day Nursery arranges activities for the children to help them grow.


Autumn activities help improve family bonding. They make the autumn holidays more exciting and allow children to learn about the world in a fun and creative way!

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