With the COVID-19 crisis still affecting the lives of families throughout the UK, many day cares, nurseries, and schools are offering online or virtual services designed continue the development (and sometimes, entertainment!) of children while we tend to stay at home more, reducing the spread of the virus. In fact, Happy Journeys Nursery is now offering an online nursery school which is changing the way parents engage and bond with their children while stuck at home during lockdown.

Introducing Home Journeys

Home Journeys was created with COVID-19 lockdown measures in mind to enhance your child’s development and make the lockdown learning process more fun and interactive for both parents and children. This innovative digital home-schooling platform was developed by educators and childcare experts and provides in-depth weekly content, unlimited access to activity tutorials, interactive videos, and downloadable worksheets, and easy to follow instructions that can take the hassle out of the home-schooling process.

We quickly saw the benefits of Home Journeys to all children, lockdown or not. One of our biggest values at Happy Journeys Day Nursery has always been how we can reach and impact the lives of more children which is why our charitable organisation page was set up. Home Journeys now allows us to share our expertise with children all over the UK, even if they don’t live locally enough to join our Happy Journeys Day Nursery.

With resources for both preschool and nursery aged children, Home Journeys provides a unique environment for today’s children to learn, play, and get creative. Parents will also find some useful resources including lesson plans, activities, and a selection of nutritious recipes designed to help keep kids healthy.

What’s On The Home Journeys Curriculum?

You might be wondering just what the Home Journeys curriculum includes. Being an educator-created online nursery education for all children ranging from 6 months to 5 years old, the Home Journeys curriculum includes:

  • Communication And Language
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Development
  • Literacy
  • Understanding The World
  • Expressive Arts And Design
  • Personal, Social And Emotional Development

Dramatic Improvements In Their Literacy, Comprehension And Social Skills

Home-schooling your child during lockdown shouldn’t be as difficult as it is. Home Journeys can make it less challenging for you and less boring for your child. They will become more eager to learn and you will see dramatic improvements in their reading, writing, and social skills almost instantly. Give your child a better home-school education with the Home Journeys Online Nursery Platform.



Likewise, furthering the development of your child at home to ensure they reach their full potential has never been so easy. The activities and resources provided allow for creativity, curiosity, learning and even bonding! They follow our values of nature, nurture and nourishment – with healthy meal plans available for download too!

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