The goal of an eco-friendly lifestyle is to save resources, energy, money and  the environment. Our Earth has finite resources and even our sun will extinguish someday. Because we can’t regenerate our resources, we need to improve our efficiency and reuse what we have today. Green living relies on green technology that uses reusable materials and lower energy utilisation. In 2020, our lives will be even more dominated with digital technology and here are ways to create an eco-friendly lifestyle:

5 Changes Your Family Can Make For An Eco-Friendlier 2020

Use Your Smartphone- use your smartphone to be more eco-friendly? Smartphones are very versatile and there are a wide range of useful apps that can make living an eco-friendly lifestyle even easier. Apps like #Climate, JouleBug and HowGood help you to search for current and upcoming green actions, encourage you to implement a green lifestyle and help you do more efficient grocery shopping.

Make Electronics More Efficient- you could invest in smart, surge protectors to eliminate any phantom power that waste energy, even if your devices are switched off. These surge protectors have multiple outlets. For devices that always require power, such as your fridge, you could plug it into the constant outlet. For devices that you need to completely shut off, such as TV and computer, you can use the controlled outlets.

Use Natural Beauty Products- beauty products are one of the worst offenders at home. They contribute to the contamination of your home and the surrounding environment. There are shampoos, conditioners, moisturisers and facial cleansers that are much more suitable for green lifestyle and you should choose those for you and your family.

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Grocery Shopping- you should always use reusable shopping bags and choose organic products when shopping for groceries. Avoid or significantly reduce the purchase of any items with non-biodegradable materials.

Recycle And Reuse Household Products- when buying something, make sure that it can be reused or recycled easily. Create a fun, interactive recycling project at home that the kids can participate in and show them the importance of recycling or reusing. Use less paper products at home and at work and rely more on digital technologies for paper-less transfers of information.

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