Amongst several nurseries in London, Happy Journeys stands out and is chosen by hundreds of Parents and Carers every year.

Happy Journeys isn’t just a nursery: is a safe environment where our team’s dedication to every child’s wellbeing and development is top-notch, and where all families are supported in every step of their Journeys.

What Makes Us Different?

Our holistic approach to learning, our Ethos (Nature, Nurture, Nourish), knowledgeable team and vibrant learning environment are few of the several elements that make Happy Journeys the bright and safe space that Parents and Carers choose for their children.

We understand that every child is unique (from their interests and strengths to their different areas for growth), and we tailor our activities to meet their individual needs and build a steady foundation for their future.

Having a variety of carefully planned and studied activities, accompanied by interactive extracurriculars activities (such as weekly Spanish lessons, KangaRooKids and Sport Sessions) and nutritious and complete meals, truly help Nurturing children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development in a fun and engaging way!

As we strongly value partnership between nursery and families, for us is fundamental to provide Parents and Carers beautiful bonding experiences (such Coffee Mornings, Charity Bake Sales, Mother’s and Father’s Day Breakfast and many other events) and always go the extra mile to guide and support them throughout every step of the way.

We’re building a Happy community, and we’re excited to be part of your own personal Journeys.

Get in touch: or call us on 020 3051 8630.